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White Penis

Anonymous: Hi admins! Im here for advices actually, id like your help... So, my boyfriend asked me he'd like a bj, he usually do things for me, and id like to return the pleasure,the fact that i've never done any bj worry me... Im the kind of person who get nausea when something is too far in my throat, like if i put my fingers inside half my mouth, i could immediately throw back. Is it a problem then? Will i also get nausea doing a bj? Thank u for your helo admins!

Hey there! You might have complications but you can still please him. As long as he’s understanding that your gag reflex is terrible he can understand. Licking his shaft up and down all over as well as sucking on his head while you pump him can give him just as much pleasure. Be open about it and good luck!

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Admin XT hellooo!!! ^-^ How are you?? I was reading the other question and I saw that anon who was asking the masterpost about 'eat you out'... what about a masterpost of how exo would fingering you?! I was just wondering... is this possible??Btw I♡U

Maybe I’ll tie the two together? I’ll try to do my best!

-Admin XT

Anonymous: God bless, Admin XT is coming back! I've missed you (and I'm totally sure that Admin M could use a break from answering all the anons, lol)!!!

Oh hush. You’re making me blush. (Tbh I thought I was hated and everyone would like me being gone). Admin M has been working so hard!

-Admin XT

hariumi: Every time i hear fantastic by henry instead of ''is gonna be fantastic'' i think ''is gonna be porntastic'' and you guys pop into my mind and i end up laughing lol

Thanks, now I’m going to be on the plane like: ITS GONNA BE PORNTASTIC! Ah ohh~~

And I’ll get all these weird looks! (Thanks for thinking of us though. side note: Henry is bae)

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Can you do a masterpost about how exo would eat you out.....? Hehe..

In honor of my return…yes. c:

Give me one week max, hopefully Saturday at the latest.

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Admin m, so I kinda always had "issues" with myself, specially my appearance and my friend just loves taking pictures with friends and all and the thing is, I hate pictures just because I can't stand my face at all, and I feel so bad for feeling this way, I wish I could enjoy life a bit more and limiting my opportunities because I'm ugly

I understand what you feel. I have same issues too. My family and friends love taking photos but sometines I feel not joining them because I feel so ugky beside them. Having a really pretty sister is not helping so I always volunteer to take the photos. I am now officially assumed the position of photographer. It feels really awful to feel this terrible about myself. But slowly, I am loving myself. Who will love myself more than me? Sweetie, I learned we should love ourselves more thank anyone else. It is our duty to love and believe in ourselves even if shit happens. I am sure you are loveable. Let us do it slowly together. Look ourselves in the mirror every morning and tell ourselves “you look awesome today!”. This is gonna be a feat but we have to start somewhere. We need to work on with our appearance somehow. Confidence starts when we feel good about ourselves. We can do it! :)

-Admin M

Anonymous: No more roleplay plssss.

Okay. Inam sorry for the mess

-Admin M

Hey guys! I’m on my last day of vacation! Let’s talk in my ask.fm it twitter! I miss you all so much!

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Everyone, stop getting mad at my honey sugar buns! *hugs you tightly* - Lay floating on cloud 9

Thank you! *clings*

-Admin M

Anonymous: Of course, I'll clean up after myself. /starts vigorously scrub pentagram off floor/ Who do you take me for? An irresponsible person? Tch. - Kyungsoo

Why are people mad at me??

I did not do anything to you.

*runs away crying*

-Admin m

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