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White Penis

Anonymous: There's a fetish master post? Link for those on mobile please? <3

Here you go. n.n Enjoy.

-Admin XT

Anonymous: OMG the anon with the master post kiss idea. What kisses they'd like/do-- that sounds wonderful :DD

Alright, I’ll put that on a list of possibilities and start piecing it together if I go with it. c:

-Admin XT

Anonymous: if i was a man i would get super big muscles so i could capture baekhyun and lure him into my sex dungeon and trap him forever

You wouldn’t need super big muscles. You need candy (or food in general) cheerful music, and dedication to get him into that sex dungeon. 

-Admin XT

coffeeandcigarettewhore: A lot of people show kyungsoo as the submissive type but no lie I think all his "anger" is targeted in bed. He'll probably rip you apart and the whole "angel" thing is lie. I really do think he'd be Into BDSM

Hell yeah he is. He shows no mercy in bed.

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Can you do a masterpost about kisses, please? :)

Like….what kisses they like? 

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Does admin XT has other ideas for EXO masterposts in her mind? Just curious :3 btw I love this blog and I love how the admins answer the questions, you are all so kind ^-^

Not really. :x After the fetish post nothing has really caught my eye. If anyone as any ideas send them my way and I’ll write them down and look into them.

You are so kind n.nv thank you for loving us!

-Admin XT

Anonymous: I love Baekhyuns hip trust and body wave. He make me going crazy... I wanna this man in my bed

;D You’re Welcome.

-Admin XT

Anonymous: admin xt where will you post/put the puppybaek smut?

I will be posting it here on the blog. I will be posting it on Friday (hopefully) with a special XT Breaks Down Post for celebration of our most recent follower achievement. Prepare yourself.

-Admin XT

Anonymous: Idk am i the only one not buying the whole "gentle-unicorn-Lay"? I can literally see this guy as a beast in the bedroom







-Admin M

Anonymous: There must be something about sehun,when I orgasm I always think of Sehun as well

i am sure it is because of this


-Admin M

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