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White Penis

Anonymous: And then like when he wakes up, he looks down at his dick before looking around hehe (Same anon that looked at bulge tag)

huehueheuhue he did not look like he noticed his morning boner though because he rushed out the room when he woke up hihihihi

-Admin M

Anonymous: I read a daddy-kink Kaisoo fic and I just want Jongin to do what he did to Kyungsoo to me. But I also want Kyungsoo to moan as much as he moaned for Kai and I'm dying. THEY NEED TO CUM AND FUCK ME SO HARD THAT THE ONLY THING I WILL KNOW IS HOW TO SAY THEIR NAMES. Ughhhh yesssssss. PLEASE

babe you want a threesome (¬‿¬)

-Admin M

Anonymous: I feel like Baekhyun loves to tease and mess with everyone so I want to have him sobbing and begging by the end of the night just completely humiliated and needy. I want him to think of that for the next week whenever he goes to tease someone. Then when the lesson wears off, I;ll teach it to him all over again.

-Admin M

oknotme: u know, some observation from tumblr users are crazzyyy as hell, included ur blog. When I read it I feel like u guys r with them for a long time since the answer r usually believable. Well, do u think any one of them have fucked each other? *I sound so horny*

I am gonna take that as a compliment, my love. Thank you for saying we are believable :)

I am gonna answer you truthfully, I am not sure. But sometimes it makes me think that Xiuhan and Taohun had already did more than kissing to each other.

Taohun’s instagram photos, Tao;s meipai videos, the way they are, their regular dates, THE FREAKING QINGDAO VACATION, it makes you think something might be gong on. But also we should take into consideration their culture. maybe for us their behavior is romantic but maybe for them it is just platonic.

-Admin M

Anonymous: Would the admins rather have the superpower of seeing through the guys' clothes ( delicious abs and d*cks) or the power of being invisible (so oppa won't know you're touching him all over, maybe even straddling him ;D) ?

I think I will go with seeing through their clothes because I am not sure if I can be around oppa that much to hump them invisibly. I just hope the super mega xray vision will also be applicable in photos hehe :)

-Admin M


I talked about this with admin XT and we both think it would be a lot of work since we would be digging the depths of porn world just to find an audio that sounds like them. Maybe we can do this in the future but for now, I do not think we have time T__T

-Admin M

Anonymous: saying baekhyun tops is like saying im not thirsty for exo

-Admin M

Anonymous: holy fuck i want to finger chen soooooo bad, because chen looks so sweet and happy all the damn time and i just want to wipe that smile off of his face and make him moan and pant beneath me and just beg calling out my name in between pants and do i have a need to tease him to hell and back with him whimpering biting his bottom lip to keep it from quivering oh blessed would be the day this happened

ohhhhh yass

-Admin M

Anonymous: do u think r there any member being a romantic relationship w the other? I want them fking each other so hard

As a shipper like me I would wanna think yes. If not, I think they are fucking each other for convenience :))


-Admin M

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